We Are One (WAO) Trust has been established by a group of differently-abled artists in 2016 (Reg No. 1636). The Preamble of the Trust is simple, yet intense – we artists are not disabled; but we are differently-abled. We are no less than anyone. We co-exist in the same society – We Are One!

The WAO Trust intends to play a pivitol role in making the society inclusive by transforming how people view disability. Through Wheelchair Performances (WAO dance group), WAO Dance Academy and Community Outreach Programs,the Trust  will support and drive inclusion of differently-abled people in the society.

The WAO Trust will associate with various organisations, national and international, like-minded individuals and concerned government bodies to drive its mission and purpose for which it was formed.  

For its day-to-day running and funding its various initiatives, the WAO Trust will organise dance performances, run dance academy and seek donations and support from individuals and organisations.

The formation of the Trust is a humble start to beget a platform for both abled and differently-abled artists to come together from all walks of life and fulfil their dreams. The emphasis is to offer an opportunity to people with physical challenges to overcome those through effort, direction and support.