The founder of WE ARE ONE, many doubted my ability of an independent livelihood. My disability was a challenge more for others than me. Performing on wheelchair for the past 15 years has made me realize that the view of the world is beautiful even from a wheelchair. Appreciation and recognition came in from none other than the President of India & Singapore among other celebrities. My moment of pride was performing in Wagah Border. Today, I inspire and motivate those who lack it in their lives. My art has reached across borders performing on various themes and ideas. My only wish is that differently able person never feel shame on their self because this is not a curse for us, this is boom for us. Only special persons has special things.

Gulshan Kumar

The Choreographer of the Group, People say I was born to dance on wheelchair and crutches. I use them like the Conductor of an orchestra. I make my wheelchair dance as I wish. Some call me magician of the wheels! In the last 15 years, I have globe-trotted with my wheelchair and clutches by my side enthralling audiences all over. I whirled on my wheelchair and broke the Guinness World Record. The President and Prime Minister of India have recognized my performances. I never give up. Challenges excite me. I want be a role model to differently-able people. I want to tell them that with hard work, passion and commitment, nothing is impossible!

Vijay Kumar

When I dance on wheelchair, I love life even more because it reinforces my belief that I am no less than anyone. I can create magic on my wheelchair. My family has been my strength. I am an inspiration to not just my son, but to the world. My moments of pride of being recognised by the President of India will always be held close to my heart. I believe that nothing is impossible and all that is important is to pursue one’s dreams with a pure heart and complete dedication.

Karuna Sarkar

I believe every person is talented. Some discover it and some don’t. Nine years of performing with the group has led me across borders expanding my vision of life. My values are my strength and dancing is my core. My disability of not able to hear or speak has never come in the way of my dreams. Today I am an inspiration to others. I can proudly ‘say’ that I am worth it all.


Whenever any problem arises, I get excited because I believe that every problem has a solution in it. My disability was one such problem which became my strength. Having performed for over fifteen years on the wheelchair, I firmly believe that all are equal – abled or diffrently-abled. Performing in different venues across the world has boosted my confidence and today I am all set to become a role model for others.


Dance is an art and this art is my soul – pure, divine and serene. Dance relaxes me. Dance energises me. How do I dance? Well, on the rhythm of the heartbeats which is the best rhythmic music. My moment of high was when I received recognition from the President of India. My ambition is simple – live and let live. I cannot hear or speak, but I would like to ‘say’ this loud that never give up because life is beautiful.

Harbeer Singh

Fifteen years of performing on the wheelchair and crutches have given me the confidence to say that there is nothing called disability. We may not have able feet like most others, but we have additional feet in the form of the wheels of our chair. Performances across the world have taught me many valuable lessons in life. I in turn want to inspire those differently-abled and able-bodied individuals who give up without a fight.